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What kind of ADC is used in Interrupt mode?

What kind of ADC is used in Interrupt mode?

In this example we use the ADC1 (SAR A/D at 12bit) of the NUCLEO-F401RE in Interrupt mode. The schematic is below. For technical detail concerning the way to use CUBE-MX and ATOLLIC see this tutorial.

Where is the ADC data stored on STM32?

On STM32 the SAR A/D conversion of the various channels can be performed in single, continuous, scan or discontinuous mode. The result of the ADC is stored in a left – or right – aligned 16-bit data register.

Where is the result of an ADC stored?

The result of the ADC is stored in a left – or right – aligned 16-bit data register. Moreover, the ADC also implements the analog watchdog feature, which allows the application to detect if the input voltage goes outside the user-defined higher or lower thresholds.

What kind of ADC is used in MCU normaly?

There are several ADC architectures, in MCU normaly there are SAR (successive approximation register) and sometime SIGMA-DELTA (also known as a delta-sigma ADC). The stadard ADC in STM32 is SAR at 12 bit but there ara also some STM32 that iclude also a SIGMA-DELTA ADC at 16 bit.

How does a PWM work with a timer?

It works by using the first timer as the PWM frequency generator. This then loads up the second timer with a time that is the period of the required pulse width. It does this by calculating the number of timer clock cycles that result in the required period (which you set from within the program elsewhere).

When to use an interrupt in a timer?

A timer usually generates an interrupt when it reaches zero (having passed through the highest value) so all you do is work out the period in timer clock cycles (n) and subtract this value from the largest value that the timer can have (max-n).

How to create a PIC PWM using an interrupt?

Single Timer method : PWM PIC Interrupt – pwm code This code is called from the interrupt to do the PWM action. Depending on the value set in pwm_val the output will be turned on for a set number of periods and when the period couinter void do_pwm (void) {

Why are timers important in a microcontroller?

USING TIMERS IN PIC18F452 MICROCONTROLLER: Timers and counters are important as timers can tell the time and count. Counting and timing allows for controlling the brightness of LEDs, controlling the angle of servo shafts and PWM signal generation etc.