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What happens to the configuration file in tmux?

What happens to the configuration file in tmux?

The configuration file is a set of tmux commands which are executed in sequence when the server is first started. If a command in the configuration file fails, tmux will report an error and exit without executing further commands.

How do I enable tmux mouse support in Linux?

And make sure that you have set -g mouse on in your .tmux.conf file, and that you have sourced the file. You really don’t need the other conf line in the question. To obtain the default behavior, which is equal as UP and DOWN keyboard arrows, use:

How to set the term environment variable in tmux?

The TERM environment variable must be set to ”screen” for all programs running inside tmux. New windows will automatically have ”TERM=screen” added to their environment, but care must be taken not to reset this in shell start-up files. The -P option prints the location of the new window after it has been created.

Where do I find the command prefixed by tmux?

The commands that you show prefixed by tmux could be given at the shell prompt inside a tmux session to interactive set the options. As a side note, there seems to possibly be unbalanced quoting in your ~/.tmux.conf file, based on the last errors that your shell spits out.

How to display the status of a tmux configuration?

Add this line to your ~/.tmux.conf file. HINT: When you reload the file, you might not always be able to tell that anything changed, but you can use the display command to put a message in the status line. # Set bind key to reload configuration file bind r source-file ~/.tmux.conf \\; display ​”Reloaded!”

How to write if statement in.tmux.conf?

For less repetition in your .tmux.conf, you can store your shell test strings in tmux env vars (available since 0.8 in 2008) & interpolate them at run-time for if-shell: # Use which sed pattern actually works in the accepted answers run-shell ‘tmux setenv -g TMUX_VERSION $ (tmux -V | sed -En “…”)’

How to update tmux color schemes for 2.9?

Update tmux color schemes for tmux 2.9. Update tmux config to be compatible with latest 2.9 changes. Makes .tmux.conf compliant with v1.9+ ( tmux/tmux#1689 ). This commit was signed with the committer’s verified signature .

How to set up tmux so it starts with Foo?

Hope that helps tmux enthusiasts in the future. You can source different sessions from your .tmux.conf like so: And then format the sessions as you require: This would open 2 windows, the second of which would be named foo/bar and would be split vertically in half (50%) with foo running above bar.