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Is the clientrequest an EventEmitter or an object?

Is the clientrequest an EventEmitter or an object?

ClientRequest implements the Writable Stream interface and is therefore an EventEmitter. options (Object | String) – If options is a String, it is interpreted as the request URL. If it is an object, it is expected to fully specify an HTTP request via the following properties:

When is an electron event emitted in net module?

Emitted when the net module fails to issue a network request. Typically when the request object emits an error event, a close event will subsequently follow and no response object will be provided. Emitted as the last event in the HTTP request-response transaction.

What happens when a NodeJS HTTP request fails?

The new thing here is the last line. When an http request fails due to network errors, http parsing errors or such, it emits an error event. To simulate an error, we emit one from the test. Run tests with mocha, and they’ll… fail?

What happens if you omit credentials in clientrequest?

If set to include, credentials from the session associated with the request will be used. If set to omit, credentials will not be sent with the request (and the ‘login’ event will not be triggered in the event of a 401). This matches the behavior of the fetch option of the same name.

Why is there no Event Emitter in Node.js?

That’s because we do not log any messages in firstEventEmitter.js and there’s nothing that listens to the event that was sent. The event is emitted, but nothing acts on these events. Let’s work toward seeing a more complete example of publishing, listening to, and acting upon events.

What does the request event in NodeJS mean?

Emitted each time a client requests a http upgrade. If this event isn’t listened for, then clients requesting an upgrade will have their connections closed. requestis the arguments for the http request, as it is in the request event. socketis the network socket between the server and client.

How are event emitters used in publish-subscribe pattern?

Event emitters provide a different way to structure this relationship: the publish-subscribe pattern. In this software architecture pattern, a publisher (the event emitter) sends a message (an event), and a subscriber receives the event and performs an action.

Why is send email on Event Viewer deprecated?

On the web, besides people being frustrated with the send email on event viewer event feature being deprecated, they are equally frustrated with the solution which is often to draft a lengthy powershell script to do the very same thing…which used to be very easy.