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How to solve the VRP with pickup and delivery?

How to solve the VRP with pickup and delivery?

The diagram below shows the pickup and delivery locations on a grid similar to the one in the previous VRP example. For each item, there is a directed edge from the pickup location to the delivery location. The following sections describe how to solve the VRP with pickups and deliveries.

Which is the best solver for capacitated VRP?

The solver is found to be capable of solving Capacitated VRP and Distance-Constrained VRP instances with up to 200 customers within 1 h of CPU time. 1. Introduction

Are there any exact algorithms for the VRP?

The computational reach of exact algorithms for the VRP is limited to 200 customers for the most studied basic variants of the VRP, e.g. the column-and-cut generation algorithm of Baldacci et al. (2011), and decreases significantly for more realistic variants that include features such as a heterogeneous fleet or distance constraints.

Are there any resource constraints for a vrptw?

Next, we present a VRPTW that also has constraints at the depot: all vehicles need to be loaded before departing the depot and unloaded upon return. Since there are only two available loading docks, at most two vehicles can be loaded or unloaded at the same time.

Which is the best method for solving the VRP problem?

As the name suggests, this approach proposes to compute every possible solution until one of the bests is reached. Heuristic methods perform a relatively limited exploration of the search space and typically produce good quality solutions within modest computing times.

Are there any commercial software to solve VRPs?

Although there exist many commercial software packages to solve VRPs, any package must be integrated with the existing software infrastructure of the company, and needs to be learned by the planning managers.

How does the VRP solver work in ArcGIS?

The VRP solver honors InboundArriveTime regardless of the DeliveryQuantities value. If an outbound depart time is also specified, its time value must occur after the inbound arrive time. Defines when the item to be picked up at the order must arrive at the ending depot.

How is VRP used in the logistics industry?

The most straightforward applications of the VRP are found in the logistics sector. Companies in the small package shipping industry, for example, aim to minimize the routing cost while keeping the routes of the drivers as consistent as possible ( Groër et al., 2009 ).