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How to create interactive spatial maps in R?

How to create interactive spatial maps in R?

You can use the leaflet package for R to overlay your data on top of interactive maps. You can think about it like Google maps with your data overlaid on top! What is Leaflet?

Which is the best mapping package for R?

We’ll be using two mapping packages in this tutorial: tmap and tmaptools for quick static maps and leaflet for interactive maps. You can install and load them now with (Skip the install.packages lines for any R packages that are already on your system.)

How to create an interactive Leaflet map in R?

Create an interactive leaflet map using R and rmarkdown. Customize an interactive map with data-driven popups. You will need a computer with internet access to complete this lesson. Static maps are useful for creating figures for reports and presentation. Sometimes, however, you want to interact with your data.

How to plot data points on a map in R?

Maps in R: Plotting data points on a map – MilanoR Maps in R: Plotting data points on a map – MilanoR In the introductory post of this series I showed how to plot empty maps in R. Today I’ll begin to show how to add data to R maps. The topic of this post is the visualization of data points on a map.

How can I make a map with R?

The maps package contains a lot of outlines of continents, countries, states, and counties that have been with R for a long time. The mapdata package contains a few more, higher-resolution outlines. The maps package comes with a plotting function, but, we will opt to use ggplot2 to plot the maps in the maps package.

How do I install a package in R?

To install packages in R, write the following code: install.packages(“nameOfthePackage”). You need to do this operation for each of the packages listed below. Once this is done, you need to set your work directory with setwd(“your/work/directory”). Building Maps using R’s Base Plotting System There are several ways to build maps in R.

Are there alternatives to map spatial data with R?

In this section we will explore several alternatives to map spatial data with R. For more packages see the “Visualisation” section of the CRAN Task View. Mapping packages are in the process of keeping up with the development of the new sf package, so they typicall accept both sp and sf objects.

How to make maps with your · reproducible research?

Making Maps With R · Reproducible Research. For a long time, R has had a relatively simple mechanism, via the maps package, for making simple outlines of maps and plotting lat-long points and paths on them.