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How to create an instance of ViewModel class in Java?

How to create an instance of ViewModel class in Java?

Now, we can tell to ViewModelProviers.of () that it needs an instance of to instantiate MainViewModel (ItemListuseCase ()) Note that I do not pass any arguments to .get ( because our Factory will take care of injecting those arguments into our constructor.

Why is androidviewmodel giving me an error?

Since I need a Context to get an instance of my ROOM database , I am using an AndroidViewModel. Yet It is asking giving me error . I am new to all this I guess I am missing something , Any Help is appreciated.

Can you create an instance of class in Java?

VERSION_CODES. O_MR1 ], application = TestApplication :: class ) @HiltAndroidTest class SplashActivityTest { private val authenticationRepository: AuthenticationRepository = mockk (relaxed = true ) @get:Rule val rule = HiltAndroidRule ( this ) @get:Rule var activityRule = IntentsTestRule ( SplashActivity :: class .java) }

Can a viewmodelprovider inject objects in the constructor?

As it was mentioned in other answers, ViewModelProviders cannot inject objects that you require in ViewModel constructor.

Why do I get cannot create instance of class ViewModel error?

Note:- If any of these dependencies are missing you will get Cannot create an instance of class ViewModel error In my case, the reason was that I was trying to get a shared instance of the ViewModel in my fragment too soon – before the activity was created. What happens when the application is restoring its state after being killed.

Can you create an instance of class ViewModel in Kotlin?

I’m trying to initialize viewmodel in Fragment but each time I want to pass the interface in my viewmodel constructor it throws the error Cannot create an instance of class ViewModel Also I don’t have any problem in kotlin-kapt or any lifecycle annotations

Why is hilt providing its own injection for ViewModel?

Because, Hilt provide its own injection for viewmodel. In my case, I used and @Inject due to this caught into the error. If you face this issue in Kotlin Dagger Hilt even after @HiltViewModel and using @Inject, make sure you have updated all hilt dependencies.

Can a ViewModel have more than one argument?

My ViewModel has multiple arguments. But this is absolutely fine as I use ViewModelFactory to construct the ViewModel. My Fragment and Activity shares the same instance of the ViewModel. In other words: Activity creates the ViewModel and the fragment receives the same instance later.