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How to create a responsive CSS hero background image?

How to create a responsive CSS hero background image?

The same positioning and size rules apply to this element we applied to the background image and text background. To make sure the color overlay is on top of the background image, set the z-index to -1; Now it should sit between the real element and the background image.

Where does the background image go in CSS?

The css has a background image on the div class jumbotron which as you can see is after the nav. This image flows the width and length of the jumbotron and flows behind the nav that sits on top of the background image as well which is what i am trying to achieve. Pulling my hair out.

What should the background image be in hero?

If you noticed, the background image referenced in the default hero::before rule ends with 320×212, ‘background-1932466_1920-320×212.jpg’. That is a naming convention I use to tell me the image’s dimensions.

Can a CSS hero image fill a full screen?

If you are using a CSS library like Bootstrap or Materialize they include more robust style resets, so you wont need to repeat this code. The hero image, in our example, fills the entire browser view port, which I assume is also the full screen. Of course the user could use a smaller window on desktops.

Why is my CSS background image not showing up?

If you’re not fully satisfied, have a Blueberry Bliss Elixir on us. Without the ../ it is looking for an images folder inside your stylesheet folder which does not exist. So you have to go back a directory where the images folder is located.

How to add a hero image as a background?

Add the hero image as the background of the ::before pseudo-element of the .hero section. In this way, you can add a brightness filter only to the background image so that the white text on top of it will have sufficient color contrast.

How to create a background image in CSS?

Now, if you have to access ‘img’ folder in css files. So you have to go back once in root directory using “../” syntax. Then move to the ‘img’ folder using “../img” syntax. Then write the image name “../img/debut_dark.png”. I am using embedded CSS on a local computer.

How do you position hero content in CSS?

Hence, .hero-content will be the flex item and you can easily position it using the justify-content and the align-items properties. As flex-direction is row (you use the default value, so there’s no need to add it separately), justify-content aligns items horizontally, while align-items aligns them vertically.