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How do you count unique records?

How do you count unique records?

Distinct Counts The COUNT(DISTINCT) function returns the number of rows with unique non-NULL values. Hence, the inclusion of the DISTINCT keyword eliminates duplicate rows from the count. Its syntax is: COUNT(DISTINCT expr,[expr…])

How do I count distinct queries in SQL?


  1. SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT column-name)
  2. FROM table-name.

How do you count the number of records?

SQL COUNT() Function

  1. SQL COUNT(column_name) Syntax. The COUNT(column_name) function returns the number of values (NULL values will not be counted) of the specified column:
  2. SQL COUNT(*) Syntax. The COUNT(*) function returns the number of records in a table:
  3. SQL COUNT(DISTINCT column_name) Syntax.

How do you count unique values in a list?

You can use the combination of the SUM and COUNTIF functions to count unique values in Excel. The syntax for this combined formula is = SUM(IF(1/COUNTIF(data, data)=1,1,0)). Here the COUNTIF formula counts the number of times each value in the range appears. The resulting array looks like {1;2;1;1;1;1}.

How do I count unique entries in Excel?

Count the number of unique values by using a filter

  1. Select the range of cells, or make sure the active cell is in a table.
  2. On the Data tab, in the Sort & Filter group, click Advanced.
  3. Click Copy to another location.
  4. In the Copy to box, enter a cell reference.
  5. Select the Unique records only check box, and click OK.

How do you count cells with text?

Use the COUNTIF function and the asterisk symbol (*) to count cells with text. 1b. You can also create an array formula to count cells with text.

How do I count specific words in Excel?

To count the number of words in a cell where the words are separated by a space character, follow these steps:

  1. Start Excel, and then open a new workbook.
  2. Type the following on sheet1: AsciiDoc Copy. A1: The car drove fast A2: =IF(LEN(TRIM(A1))=0,0,LEN(TRIM(A1))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1,” “,””))+1)

How do I count multiple words in Excel?

If you want to count based on multiple criteria, use COUNTIFS function. range – the range of cells which you want to count. criteria – the criteria that must be evaluated against the range of cells for a cell to be counted.

How do I count cells with text and numbers in Excel?

On the Formulas tab, click Insert, point to Statistical, and then click one of the following functions:

  1. COUNTA: To count cells that are not empty.
  2. COUNT: To count cells that contain numbers.
  3. COUNTBLANK: To count cells that are blank.
  4. COUNTIF: To count cells that meets a specified criteria.

How do I Countif multiple ranges?

If there is more than one range and criteria, you can use COUNTIFS function. It works same as COUNTIF, but is used with multiple criteria. The syntax of the COUNTIFS is: =COUNTIF(range 1, criteria1, range 2, criteria 2.. )

How do you count cells not in a range?

If you want to count cells that are “less than or equal to 80”, use: = COUNTIF ( C5:C11 , “<=80” ) If you want… COUNTIF counts the number of cells in the range that do not contain “a” by matching the content of each cell against the pattern ” *a*”, which is supplied as the criteria.

How do I Countif only certain cells?

Countif specific text is in selected cells with formula As below screenshot shown, for counting cells which contain Apple in the Fruit column, please select a blank cell, enter formula =COUNTIF(A2:C12,”Apple”) into the formula bar, and then press the Enter key to get the result.

Can Excel count the number of times a word appears?

Use the COUNTIF function to count how many times a particular value appears in a range of cells.

How do I count words in a column in Excel?

How to count the total number of words in a cell

  1. And then, you can copy the formula down to count words in other cells of column A:
  2. =IF(A2=””, 0, LEN(TRIM(A2))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2,” “,””))+1)
  3. =(LEN(A2)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2, “moon”,””)))/LEN(“moon”)

How do you count the number of certain words in a cell or a range of cells in Excel?

The COUNTIF function counts cells in a range that meet criteria. For example, to count the number of cells in a range that contain “a” you can use: = COUNTIF ( range , “a” ) // exact match However, note this is an exact match.

How can you widen column C just enough to show all the data?

How can you widen Column C just enough to show all the data? Right-click column C, select Format Cells, and then select Best-Fit.

How do you AutoFit cell size to contents?

Resize a column or table automatically with AutoFit

  1. Select your table.
  2. On the Layout tab, in the Cell Size group, click AutoFit.
  3. Do one of the following. To adjust column width automatically, click AutoFit Contents. To adjust table width automatically, click AutoFit Window.

How do I change the size of cells without changing the whole column?

Generally, every cell in a row or column has the same size, so you can’t adjust the size of a cell individually without affecting the others in its same row or column. You can merge adjacent cells to create larger compound cells, however, and you can set rows and columns to automatically adjust to fit text.

What is the shortcut key of auto column?

Press one of the following keyboard shortcuts: To AutoFit column width: Alt + H, then O, and then I. To AutoFit row height: Alt + H, then O, and then A.