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How do I see video time in react-native?

How do I see video time in react-native?

I tried to do the following:

  1. Get the file path of the media from react-native-image-picker option.
  2. Sending the path to the meta-data package.
  3. Getting back the meta-data which also includes video duration.
  4. Finally using condition to do whatever I want to do.

How do you use react-native video?

Here is how you need to implement this library using custom components and code in react-native.

  1. Create a new project named video using react-native init video.
  2. Create a folder called src, and in it create another folder called screens.
  3. Install the following commands: npm install react-native-video.

How do you play youtube in react-native video?

To achieve playing Youtube videos in React Native, we will be making use of the npm dependency named react-native-youtube-iframe. We will work through using this library by fully integrating it into an app.

How do you add controls in react-native video?

For Android MediaPlayer, you will need to build your own controls or use a package like react-native-video-controls or react-native-video-player. Note on Android ExoPlayer, native controls are available by default. If needed, you can also add your controls or use a package like [react-native-video-controls].

How do I find the exact length of a video?

Use virtualdub, open the video and click on the [End]-button at the bottom ( looks like this >| ) and then you will get the exact time to right like Frame 21501 ( 0:14:38:003 ). Also tmpgenc, tools, merge and cut will show you seconds.

How do I show a YouTube video in react?

Steps to embed YouTube video in React

  1. Create react application.
  2. Install npm package dependency.
  3. Create component to embed YouTube video.

Is 2 minutes too short for a YouTube video?

The first thing we noticed is that videos between 16 seconds to 120 seconds generate almost 50% of all views on YouTube. The most successful videos are almost unanimously below 2 minutes in length. With videos longer than that, the number of views often drops off a cliff.

How to play a video file in React Native?

As you can see from the `package.json` we will be using `react-native-video` package to play a video file. This is a great library developed by Brent Vatne. I highly recommend to read projects of him as it provides great examples for implementing features such as animations in your app.

How to use React Native with Swiper component?

The video component uses react-native-inviewport to help handle whether or not it is in the viewport. However it doesn’t play nicely with react-native-swiper but it is possible to get it to work.

What do you need to know about React Native?

In React you create reusable Components which represents your view. You just plug components to each other and React ensures that whenever data changes due to user actions or any other events, view will be updated properly. For ensuring correct rendering of views it uses ` state ` and ` props ` in components.

Who is the creator of react View Library?

React is a View library which is developed by Facebook to improve their development experience. Later on they added React-Native to develop native mobile applications using same principles of React.

Can you play a YouTube video on React Native?

Currently, we have been dumping out to the YouTube app or the YouTube site in order to avoid having to implement the official react-native-youtube repository, but we will be eventually integrating with that repo in order to provide a more seamless user experience.

How is the useref hook used in React Native?

The useRef hook is used to get the video’s current timing and change it to throw the player bar. The useState hooks are created to handle the video duration, whether the video is paused or not, the current video time, whether the player is PLAYING/PAUSED/ENDED and whether the video is loading.

How to control the player in react player?

The Player component has some methods to control the video and the player. Get the redux State. For example: Play the video. Pause the video. Subscribe to the player state changes. We use redux to manage the player state. Using getState method can get the state object. This is the list of all the states.

Which is the root component of video React player?

Player. Player is the root component of the Video-React player. All the others components should be in this component. Attributes. All the attributes for the Player component, they can be added as React properties.