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How do I pull data from multiple pivot tables?

How do I pull data from multiple pivot tables?

Consolidate data by using a single page field

  1. Add the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Click a blank cell (that is not part of a PivotTable) in the workbook .
  3. On Step 1 page of the wizard, click Multiple consolidation ranges, and then click Next.

How do I use multiple columns in a pivot table?

Add an Additional Row or Column Field

  1. Click any cell in the PivotTable. The PivotTable Fields pane appears. You can also turn on the PivotTable Fields pane by clicking the Field List button on the Analyze tab.
  2. Click and drag a field to the Rows or Columns area.

How do I copy values from a pivot table?

Re: Pasting Pivot Table as Values… losing Borders and formatting

  1. Highlight the first PivotTable and copy it.
  2. Go to another location, and press Ctrl+Alt+V to open the Paste Special dialog box.
  3. Select Values and then hit OK.
  4. Press Ctrl+Alt+V again.
  5. Select Formats and then hit OK again!

How do I copy and paste a pivot table and keep formatting?

Follow these steps to copy a pivot table’s values and formatting: Select the original pivot table, and copy it. Click the cell where you want to paste the copy. On the Excel Ribbon’s Home tab, click the Dialog Launcher button in the Clipboard group .

How do you copy a column in a pivot table?

Note: To copy the entire pivot table, you can also select only one or a few cells in the Row Fields area, or in the Column Fields area. Press Ctrl-C or choose Copy from the Edit menu to copy the contents of the window to the Clipboard.

How do I remove a pivot table but keep the data?

Delete the Pivot Table but Keep the Resulting Data

  1. Select any cell in the Pivot Table.
  2. Click on the ‘Analyze’ tab in the ribbon.
  3. In the Actions group, click on the ‘Select’ option.
  4. Click on Entire Pivot table.
  5. Right-click on any cell of the selected Pivot Table.
  6. Click on Copy.
  7. Click the Home tab.

Can you copy a pivot chart and change source data?

This is a useful technique if you’ve spent a long time setting up a pivot chart, with specific formatting, and you want to use a copy of that chart with a different pivot table. Unlike a normal chart, you can’t change the source data in a pivot chart.

How do I unlink data from a pivot table?

Click any cell in the PivotTable report for which you want to unshare the data cache. On the Options tab, in the Data group, click Change Data Source, and then click Change Data Source. The Change PivotTable Data source dialog box appears.

How do I select data for a pivot table?

Select item labels, data, or both

  1. Select the items.
  2. On the Options tab, in the Actions group, click Select, and then click what you want to select: Labels and Values. to select both. Values. to select only the values for the items. Labels. to select only the item labels.

How do I change the source data for a pivot table?

Click the PivotTable report. On the Analyze tab, in the Data group, click Change Data Source, and then click Change Data Source. The Change PivotTable Data Source dialog box is displayed.

How do I show only some columns in a pivot table?

Excel 2016 – How to have pivot chart show only some columns

  1. Select the table you want to create the pivot chart from.
  2. Click on the ‘Insert’ ribbon menu.
  3. Click on the ‘PivotChart’ button.
  4. Drag the value you want to chart TWICE into the ‘Values’ box.
  5. The pivot table will now how the value shown twice.

How do I remove columns from a pivot chart?

Remove fields from the PivotTable or PivotChart In a layout area, click the field that you want to remove, and then click Remove Field. In a layout area, click and hold the field that you want to remove, and then drag it outside the PivotTable Field List.

How do I hide a field in a pivot table?

Step 1: Right-click on the field button that you want to hide, e.g., “Sum of Income”; Step 2: Click “Hide Value Field Buttons on Chart” from the drop-down list to hide the field button; If you want to hide all field buttons in the pivot chart, click “Hide All Field Buttons on Chart”.

How do I select a field in a pivot table?

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  1. Select any cell in the pivot table.
  2. On the Excel Ribbon, under Pivot Table Tools, click the Options tab.
  3. In the Actions group, click the Move PivotTable command.
  4. In the Move dialog box, select New Worksheet, or select a location on an existing sheet.
  5. Click OK.

How do I drag multiple columns into a pivot table?

Select multiple items

  1. Point to the top edge of a column field item until the mouse pointer changes to a down arrow , or point to the left edge of a row field item until the mouse pointer changes to a right arrow .
  2. Click as many times as necessary to select one of the items that you want.

How do I change the columns in a pivot table?

Change the order of row or column items In the PivotTable, right-click the row or column label or the item in a label, point to Move, and then use one of the commands on the Move menu to move the item to another location.

What is one of the two axis for a pivot chart?

The pivot charts typically have two axes to measure and categorize data. Vertical axis (y-Axis). Horizontal axis (x-Axis).

Can you have a secondary axis on a pivot chart?

Add a secondary axis to pivot chart For instance, I want to add a secondary axis to show Legend series of Sum of Profit. In Excel 2013, check the Secondary Axis option under the Series Options in the Format Data Series pane. Now close the dialog/pane, you can see the secondary axis has been added to the pivot chart.

What is a dual axis chart?

A dual axis chart combines a column and line chart and compares two variables. A dual axis chart (also called a multiple axes chart) uses two axes to easily illustrate the relationships between two variables with different magnitudes and scales of measurement.

How do I add a secondary axis to a pivot table?

Add or remove a secondary axis in a chart in Excel

  1. Select a chart to open Chart Tools.
  2. Select Design > Change Chart Type.
  3. Select Combo > Cluster Column – Line on Secondary Axis.
  4. Select Secondary Axis for the data series you want to show.
  5. Select the drop-down arrow and choose Line.
  6. Select OK.

Why can’t I add a secondary axis in Excel?

If your chart has two or more data series, only then you will have the option to select one of the data series and use Format Data Series to plot the selected data series on a Secondary axis. If your chart has only one data series, the secondary axis option is disabled.

How do I change the vertical axis values in a pivot chart?

In a chart, click the value axis that you want to change, or do the following to select the axis from a list of chart elements:

  1. Click anywhere in the chart.
  2. On the Format tab, in the Current Selection group, click the arrow next to the Chart Elements box, and then click Vertical (Value) Axis.

How do you change the axis on a pivot chart?

To swith X and Y axis in pivot charts right click on the pivot chart and click ‘Select Data’. Now in the widow that opens up click the ‘Switch Row/Column’ button and click Ok.

How do I change multiple field settings in a pivot table?

If you want to change multiple pivot table fields, you can change the function in the Value Fields Settings, just do the following steps: Step1: select one filed in your pivot table, and right click on it, and then choose Value Fields Settings from the dropdown menu list. And the Value Fields Settings dialog will open.

How do you reverse the axis in a pivot chart?

Luckily, Excel includes controls for quickly switching the order of axis values. To make this change, right-click and open up axis options in the Format Task pane. There, near the bottom, you’ll see a checkbox called “values in reverse order”. When I check the box, Excel reverses the plot order.

How do I remove the legend from a pivot chart?

Tip: To quickly remove a legend or a legend entry from a chart, you can select it, and then press DELETE. You can also right-click the legend or a legend entry, and then click Delete.

How do I change the legend in a pivot table?

  1. Select your chart in Excel, and click Design > Select Data.
  2. Click on the legend name you want to change in the Select Data Source dialog box, and click Edit.
  3. Type a legend name into the Series name text box, and click OK.

What is the legend on a pivot chart?

A chart legend simply identifies the data series plotted in your chart. You can also choose the More Legend Options command, which is the last command on the Legend menu, to display the Format Legend pane.

What is legend field in pivot table?

Column Labels / Legend Fields. add a field to display entries as column titles along the top. this changes to legend fields (series) when a pivotchart is active. Row Labels / Axis Fields. add a field to display entries as row labels on the left hand side.