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How do I find tweets from a specific location?

How do I find tweets from a specific location?

How to Search Twitter by Any Location

  1. Go to in your browser.
  2. Put in the operators you want to search in the field boxes under Words, People, and Dates.
  3. The Places tab will be set to your current location by default.

Can you filter tweets by location?

If the Twitter user doesn’t have location turned on, Twitter can filter tweets based on the location in a Twitter user’s profile. If that is left blank, then you won’t be able to find that Tweet using a standard location search.

How do you add a custom location to a tweet?

To add a location to your Tweets:

  1. Once precise location is enabled on your device, compose a Tweet as you normally would.
  2. Tap the location icon in the Tweet compose box to open a list of places that you can choose.
  3. Select the location you want to add to your Tweet.

How do you change location on twitter?

How to Change your Location on Twitter

  1. Tap on the gear icon on the top right-hand corner of the app in Explore.
  2. This will bring up Explore settings – uncheck the “Show content in this location” box.
  3. Tap on Explore locations and pick your location.

How can I know my location?

See your current location on the map

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. In the bottom right, click My location. . The blue dot shows where you are.

Is TweetCaster safe?

Is TweetCaster for Twitter Safe? No. TweetCaster for Twitter does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 723 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.8/5 .

What is Echofon Twitter?

Wrapped in a beautiful, clean interface, Echofon for Android packs a punch, featuring gorgeous desktop widget, instant notifications, light and dark color themes and more – all the Twitter features you need to bring order to your busy social media life. …

How do you TwitLonger on twitter?

To begin, head to the TwitLonger website and click Write a Post in the upper right-hand corner. If it’s your first time using the app, you will need to give TwitLonger permission to access your Twitter account. When you’re ready, type your tweet in the box, give it a title if you wish, and click Post It.

How do you add more words to twitter?

How to create a thread on Twitter

  1. Tap the compose icon to draft a new Tweet.
  2. To add another Tweet(s), tap the highlighted plus icon (the icon will highlight once you have entered in text).
  3. To delete any of your Tweets, tap the gray delete icon To delete the entire thread, tap the blue delete icon.

How can I tweet longer messages?

Open Twitter in another tab and compose a second tweet. Then, paste the text, again making sure you’re within 280 characters. The tweet counter indicates that the content is too long to be sent in one tweet, and that the entire tweet is split into multiple, successive tweets.

How do I make my tweets taller?

Tall Tweets breaks up your long Tweet into multiple Tweets in your feed, marking the end of the first Tweet as “(1/2)” and the second Tweet as “(2/2)” if your long Tweet fits into two regular Tweets.

Are tall tweets free?

Tall Tweets is a free online tool that you and your students can use to create animated gifs.

How do you indicate multiple tweets?

How to publish a Tweet thread

  1. Click the “Tweet” button to compose a new Tweet.
  2. Write the first Tweet of your thread. Click the new “Add another Tweet” button and a 2nd Tweet window will pop up.
  3. You can publish the entire thread at the same time with the “Tweet all” button.

How do you reply to a tweet thread?

The simplest way to create a Twitter thread is to publish a tweet, then reply directly to it the same way you would reply to a tweet written by someone else. After the second tweet is published, reply to it with a third tweet and continue until your thread is finished.

How do you write a perfect tweet?

How to write the #perfect tweet

  1. Don’t just hashtag anything. It seems to be the norm to tweet with as many hashtags as possible, but unless there is a point to your post, no one is going to care that you can hashtag.
  2. Write statements not sentences.
  3. Get on a list.
  4. Timing is everything.
  5. Drive traffic with visuals.

Can you reply to your own tweet?

We all know Twitter’s 140 character limit, but there’s a new feature that connects multiple Tweets in a row. By cleverly replying to your own Tweets, a vertical line will appear and connect your Tweets, and your followers will see the consecutive Tweets in a row in their feed.

How do you quote a tweet in reply 2020?

Click on the tweet you want to quote tweet. Look for the Retweet icon at the bottom of the tweet, a square made of two arrows. Click on the icon, and two options will show Retweet and Quote Tweet. Select Quote Tweet.

Should I reply or quote tweet?

This is a great way to engage with other users while also bringing your own audience into the conversation. When you reply directly to a tweet, your response won’t necessarily be seen by all of your followers. Quote tweeting pushes the initial tweet alongside your response into your feed, igniting the conversation.

How do you quote a tweet without linking it?

  1. You can just copy and paste the URL.
  2. When you’re trying to reply to one tweet and throw in another it’s as simple as finding the link, copying it in and Twitter will do the rest.
  3. Here’s an example of what you’re talking about:
  4. As you can see in the reply it’s quoted another tweet.
  5. Let’s break down how.

How do you quote a tweet without retweeting?

Tap on your screen to move your cursor to the end of the URL. Next, type and add “/video/1” to the tail end of the URL. You’re now all set to select the “Tweet” button. You have now shared the video with all of your followers without having to retweet the original tweet.

How do you tweet someone?

To send a tweet to someone, type the person’s username in the format “@username” (without quotes). Enter the username at the beginning of the tweet to send an @reply, or enter it within the tweet to send a mention.

What does embed tweet mean?

Embedded Tweets. Embedded Tweets bring your pick of content from Twitter into your website articles. An embedded Tweet includes photos, video and cards media created for display on Twitter, and can even stream live video from Periscope.

How do you quote a tweet on mobile?

Rolling out on iPhone and web, coming soon to Android.”…From mobile apps:

  1. Tap the Retweet icon.
  2. Tap Quote Tweet.
  3. Add a comment and tap Tweet.
  4. The Tweet will then be shared with your followers as a quote Tweet!

How do you quote a tweet in a paper?

The MLA offers these guidelines for including a tweet in the works cited list: Last name, first name (Username). “Full text of tweet.” Date, time. Tweet.

What’s the difference between retweet and quote tweet?

Note: A tweet you share publicly with your followers is a retweet. A quote tweet is a retweet with a comment or media that you’ve added.

Why can’t I quote tweets anymore?

Users can still retweet without having to quote tweet. To do so, simply click the retweet button again and the retweet will go through as normal. Hey everyone, we made a temporary change to the Retweet function.

Why do artists hate quote retweets?

Share All sharing options for: Artists are irked by Twitter’s change to retweets. Artists on Twitter have a request: stop quote-tweeting their work. Artists say quote tweets take attention away from their profiles, making it harder for them to be discovered, while someone else gets the glory.

Why can’t I retweet someone’s tweet only quote?

Why can’t some Tweets be Retweeted? If you see the lock icon next to someone’s name on their profile page or on their Tweets, their Tweets are protected and you will not be able to Retweet their content. If your Tweets are protected, you can still Retweet and Quote Tweet.

How do you retweet to a specific person?

The “via @username” retweet. Another very popular way of retweeting someone is to add the “via @username” after the text of the Tweet. This is a very lightweight version of retweeting and probably in between the RT and the native retweet.

How do I find tweets from a specific location?

How do I find tweets from a specific location?

How to Search Twitter by Any Location

  1. Go to in your browser.
  2. Put in the operators you want to search in the field boxes under Words, People, and Dates.
  3. The Places tab will be set to your current location by default.

How do I extract twitter API?

To do so:

  1. Navigate to your app dashboard.
  2. Select the app you’ve enabled with the Tweets and users preview, then click Details.
  3. Select the Keys and tokens tab.
  4. In the Consumer API Keys section, copy the values for API Key into consumer_key and API Secret Key into consumer_secret .

Can you filter tweets by location?

Twitter search can filter by the location of a Tweet if the user has location services turned on. If the Twitter user doesn’t have location turned on, Twitter can filter tweets based on the location in a Twitter user’s profile.

How do you scrape keywords on twitter?

How to Scrape Tweets Containing Keywords with Python

  1. Step 1: Setting Parameters.
  2. Step 2: Check for Existing Twitter Setting File.
  3. Step 3: Collecting API Credentials.
  4. Step 4: Calling the API With Our Parameters.
  5. Step 5: Call the API for Our Group of Accounts.
  6. Step 6: Removing Duplicate Tweets.
  7. Step 7: Export to CSV or Excel.

Can you fake your location on Twitter?

On Twitter, if you do not wish to reveal your geographic location in your tweets, you can either completely disable the location feature from Twitter settings or you can can attach some random (read, fake) location to your tweet.

Can you extract data from twitter?

To extract data from Twitter, you can use an automated web scraping tool – Octoparse. As Octoparse simulates human interaction with a webpage, it allows you to pull all the information you see on any website, such as Twitter.

Are tweets geotagged?

Precise and general geotagging Geotagging broadly refers to assigning geographic locations to digital content, such as photos, text messages and videos. For Twitter data, geotagging means assigning locations to tweets, which are usually the current locations of the Twitter users.

Is scraping Twitter legal?

Yes it is legal to scrape data available on twitter. For analysis and understanding the market trend you can scrape twitter data. Lots of people came for us and demanded Twitter data for sentiment analysis.

How to search tweets by a keyword in Java?

You can use streaming API to get the recent tweets by a given set of keywords. In your case you have only one keyword which is a hashtag, right? I posted a brief sample code to search tweets by a keyword with Streaming API. You can use both Streaming and Search API for different purposes.

How to extract a specific tweet from Twitter?

Extracting Specific Tweets from Twitter You can define a variable by name search_words and specify the word about which you would like to retrieve tweets. Tweepy checks through all tweets for that particular keyword and retrieves contents. This can be Hashtags, @mentions, or even normal words.

How can I find the location of a tweet?

In this case the location (i.e. Polygon) is a square imposed on the state of Connecticut. (You can use this mapping tool to determine the coordinates around a particular area.). You track Tweet by location, language, and text by passing the three arrays shown below into the stream.filter () method of Tweepy, which is a Python API for Twitter.

How to scrape tweets with a hashtag in Python?

Create another function to scrape data regarding a given Hashtag using tweepy module. In the Driver Code assign Twitter Developer account credentials along with the Hashtag, initial date and number of tweets. Finally, call the function to scrape the data with Hashtag, initial date and number of tweets as argument.