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How do I find the URL for SAP Fiori launchpad?

How do I find the URL for SAP Fiori launchpad?

To see the implementation steps and requirement of any of SAP Fiori Apps, go to To check the URL of SAP Help page, go to and enter the App name.

How do I deploy SAPUI5 app on Fiori launchpad?

11 Steps to Follow to Deploy an SAP Fiori Tile to SAP Cloud Platform Portal

  1. Switch to the Visualization tab and choose No Tile for the Tile Type property, as shown in the following figure. The tile is not like a normal SAPUI5 application.
  2. Click Save.
  3. You’ve deployed your tile successfully in SAP Fiori launchpad!

How do I put custom apps on my Fiori launchpad?

Steps of Configuration:

  1. [1] Create Semantic Object in SAP Fiori Server (Front-end) server.
  2. [2] Create Launchpad Role in SAP Fiori Server (Front-end) server.
  3. [3] Create Business Catalog.
  4. [4] Create Business Group.
  5. [5] Create App’s PFCG Role in SAP Fiori Server (Front-end) server.

How do you troubleshoot Fiori apps?

SAP Fiori – SAP Fiori launchpad troubleshooting

  1. Double check the latest SP and mandatory notes.
  2. Make sure that you have configured the launchpad.
  3. Clear metadata cache.
  4. Clear local browser cache.
  5. Clear the server side caches.
  6. Test without Custom Theme.
  7. Synchronize chip cache.

How do I check my Fiori authorization issues?

The user is now able to retrieve his authorization errors from App Support:

  1. Start App Support from the user actions menu.
  2. App Support view for a user with minimal authorizations.
  3. Example for a downloaded excel file.
  4. PFCG settings for end user.
  5. App Support in user actions menu for key users.

How do I check my Fiori logs?

Result. A log record of the Fiori and UI5 application is created. You can display the data in the Temporary Log by executing the Display of Temporary Log Data transaction (transaction code /LOGWIN/SHOW_LOG ). For more information, see the report documentation in the system.

How do I find the Gateway error in SAP?

To reach the Backend Errors, use transaction code /IWBEP/ERROR_LOG in the backend system or you can reach it from transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG by using the dedicated Backend Monitor button.

How do I find SAP gateway error logs?

You can launch the error log with transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG in Gateway Hub systems. Launch the error log with transaction /IWBEP/ERROR_LOG in your back-end system. The SAP Gateway error logs reveal basic details about errors and show errors from all users for a given client.

How do I find my gateway error?

SAP Gateway Error Log (transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG)

  1. Log on to the SAP Gateway server in case it is not installed in the back end.
  2. Start Gateway Error Log (transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG) in the ABAP system.
  3. Choose Re-Select.
  4. Enter the following data:
  5. Choose Execute.
  6. Select an error message.


OData (Open Data Protocol) is an OASIS standard that defines the best practice for building and consuming RESTful APIs. OData RESTful APIs are easy to consume. The OData metadata, a machine-readable description of the data model of the APIs, enables the creation of powerful generic client proxies and tools.

What are the advantages and demerits of SAP OData?

Why should we use an OData Service?

  • OData is based on the REST architecture, so we can retrieve data based on an URL.
  • It also supports HTTP, Atom Pub as well as JSON format.
  • It has support for any type of data source.
  • No need to create a proxy service object.
  • You can create your own custom methods and expose it.

What is OData type?

The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a data access protocol built on core protocols like HTTP and commonly accepted methodologies like REST for the web. There are various kinds of libraries and tools can be used to consume OData services.

What OData queries?

A query option is a set of query string parameters applied to a resource that can help control the amount of data being returned for the resource in the URL. The query options part of an OData URL specifies three types of information: System query options , Custom query options , and Parameter aliases .

How do I update OData entity?

oData Service – with UPDATE, DELETE & MODIFY Operation

  1. Step 1: Go to the TCode: SEGW → Click oData project.
  2. Step 3: Project is successfully created.
  3. Step 4: You’ll get following Success message after generation Runtime Artifacts successfully.
  4. Step 5: Now navigate to Data Provider Extension (DPC_EXT) class → Double click on DPC_EXT class ZCL_ZMTEST5_UMD_DPC_EXT.

How do I filter OData service?

The OData $filter system query option filters a subset of the entries from the collection that are addressed in the request URL….$filter on Navigation Property

  1. SalesOrder?$ filter=TwinEntity eq ‘null’
  2. SalesOrder?$ filter=TwinEntity/property eq ‘xyz’
  3. SalesOrders?$
  4. SalesOrder?$

What is expand in OData?

OData query option $expand is used to read multiple entities or entity sets in a single service call instead of two different calls. Prerequisite, entity sets which are used should be associated.